a modERN diaper bag solution...

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The Sunny Diaper bag insert

Having a baby brings so much STUFF into your life - it should be GREAT STUFF!

Why buy a new diaper bag when you have so many great bags at home? With the Sunny Diaper bag insert, you can make any bag into your diaper bag!

Combine the 3 modular pieces to fit inside any bag shape - from a small zip tote, to a large shopping bag, to Dad's backpack. So easy to swap in and out!

It's a modern solution to the Diaper bag problem - so original that the patent is pending...

Our golden story

California Dreamin'... After 20 years in the NY and LA fashion industry, two sisters dreamed of starting something for ourselves.

With our background in product development, every product is an opportunity for improvement - and GOLDEN CHILD brings mommy (and baby) solutions to mommy (and baby) problems.  

The Sunny Diaper Bag Insert is our kickoff product to our solo venture - all dreamt up and designed here in sunny California!